Author: Mike Pihlman

  • Chris Hoovler Bench

    I was discussing at the Tracy Chamber (not very successfully by the way) this morning and Larry Hite mentioned that his company: Tracy Home Inspections donated a bench and plaque in Chris Hoovler’s name. This bench is now located at Chris’s favorite sitting spot at Millennium High School. Thank you Larry! Drive safe!

  • Text to Movie Maker

    If you can write…you can make a movie using software…I’m sorry, but, this is wickedly cool, and I just had to share it. Teens!  Generate some movies….I’ll post them on this blog. Drive safe!

  • SF Giants

    The Giants are moving up!  This is for Chris…an avid SF Giants fan.

  • New Topics for ForCarol

    Carol really cared about learning.  She was a great artist and musician.  She loved life. How many of us heard Carol say “Awwwwww…” when she saw something she loved and / or  was intrigued by?  Raise your hand….oh, this is a blog.  I actually have a video of her saying that with our dog, Sunny.…

  • Time to Heal

    The hits on this web site are normalizing down to just a few views a day. This is good. The teenagers are back on Facebook, studying, partying, and driving safe, the adults are back to work and concentrating on imposing curfews on their kids, and the families of Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby are waiting…

  • Installing Two New Tires

    If you only need two new tires….where would you mount them on your car? Watch this cool video to find out. Never Forget!  Drive Safe!

  •, Inc. a 501c3 Nonprofit: Drive Safe! Never Forget, Inc. a 501c3 Nonprofit: Drive Safe! Never Forget, Inc. is  a 501c3 non-profit Drive Safe!  Never Forget ABOUT, Inc. – “You don’t know about lonely….till it’s chiseled in stone” Vern Gosden “The Voice” — Drive Safe!  Never Forget (Carol, Chris, Kassy and Bobby)

  • $50 For the Best Slogan

    OK…..listen up. We already have a few slogan ideas from some teens.  Send in more, and starting October 15, 2010 we will start the voting process.  If we get a lot of slogans, the voting will be like the NCAA tournament and each vote will last a week. Soooooooo….add your best slogan for this web…

  • Great Plate Fundraiser for Kassy and Bobby

      I just learned that until October 22, 2010, there will be a fundraiser for Kassy and Bobby’s family at the Great Plate.  (Click here to print out the ticket). 20% of your bill will go to the Bittick family. There will be tickets at the door if you do not have one. Comments below…