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  • Movie Review: “Hello I Love You”

    Movie Review: “Hello I Love You”

    Andy Miller (Ben Jarvis) works in a production company as a production assistant. The job sounds great, but, in truth… kinda sucks. In a meeting, Andy’s boss, Baggins (Tony Toscano), wants to hear ideas for a new reality TV series.  Nothing but stupid ideas come up and the meeting is adjourned with Baggins holding his head […]

  • “Love and Hostages” Movie Review

    “Love and Hostages” Movie Review

    Waking up in bed….together…..after a drunken night before is the last thing Michael (Randall Core) and Eva Natalie Stavola) wanted. Eva pretends to be asleep as clumsy Michael gets dressed and tries to leave Eva’s apartment. “Tries to leave” is the key phrase as Michael is forced to stay due to an ongoing hostage situation across […]

  • Movie Review: “Bernard and Doris”

    Movie Review: “Bernard and Doris”

    Doris Duke (Susan Sarandon) is the heiress to the Duke tobacco fortune, and is quite the spoiled bitch. After firing her latest butler because her breakfast melon was too cold, she, luckily, hired Bernard Lafferty (Ralph Fiennes). The two struck up a friendship that would last for the rest of Doris’s life. “Bernard and Doris” […]

  • “The Great Gilly Hopkins” Movie Review

    “The Great Gilly Hopkins” Movie Review

    Gilly Hopkins (Sophie Nelisse) is on her last chance foster home.  If she messes this up, the social services department will find alternative living arrangements for the difficult Gilly. Maime Trotter (Kathy Bates) is a foster home veteran who knows the ropes and is very good at taking care of difficult cases such as Gilly […]

  • “Office Christmas Party” Movie Review

    “Office Christmas Party” Movie Review

    Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) inherited a branch office of Zenotek when his father, the company founder, passed away. Jealous of how much time dear old dad spent with her brother, new Zenotek CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston), is hell bent on closing down Clay’s branch office even though it is making money. Knowing that the […]

  • “A Bad Moms Christmas” Movie Review

    “A Bad Moms Christmas” Movie Review

    “Oh my fucking God” Amy (Mila Kunis) just wants a quiet Christmas, but, a visit by her perfectionist mom, Ruth (Christine Baranski) upsets those plans. Drama follows. Kiki (Kristen Bell) just wants a nice Christmas at home with her husband and 4 kids.  But her helicopter mom, Sandy (Cheryl Hines), creepily inserts herself in Kiki’s […]

  • “The Ex” Movie Review

    “The Ex” Movie Review

    Tom Reilly (Zach Braff) has a hard time holding onto a job. When he or a fellow employee is treated unjustly, Tom emphatically states his opinions on the matter and he, invariably, finds himself on the street. Unemployed. Married to Sofia Kowalski (Amanda Peet), a successful lawyer, the two decide to have a baby since […]

  • Movie Review: “RV”

    Movie Review: “RV”

    Bob Munro (Robin Williams) is planning to take his family to Hawaii for vacation. Unfortunately, stuff happens at work that forces him to cancel Hawaii and, instead, plan a vacation (with a secret agenda to attend an important work meeting) to Colorado in an R.V. In the R.V. and travelling across country, the Munro’s meet […]

  • Movie Review: “Broken Flowers”

    Movie Review: “Broken Flowers”

    (Quirky, Quiet, Droll) – – Don Johnston’s (Bill Murray) latest girlfriend just walked out. But, Don takes this life changing event like he seems to take everything else: Quietly. In the foyer, there is a pink envelope among the incoming mail that his now ex-girlfriend thinks is from his current lover. Don opens it and […]