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  • “Descendants” Three Movies Reviewed

    “Descendants” Three Movies Reviewed

    We watched “Descendants”, “Descendants 2”, and “Descendants 3” on Disney+. All three are musical fun for all! Here are the three official trailers: The Disney villians have been banned to an Island and locked there by a spell. The new King of Auradon, King Ben (Mitchell Hope) son of the Beast (of Beauty and the…

  • “Upside Down Magic” Movie Review

    “Upside Down Magic” Movie Review

    After her mother passed away, Nory (Izabela Rose), discovered that she could do magic. More specifically, she could morph into any animal she concentrated on…..well sort of. It turns out the animals she morphs into are a mixture of animals and that she has little to no control over her final form! Yikes. Nory’s best…

  • “Black Widow” Movie Review

    “Black Widow” Movie Review

    Ohio 1995 A normal family living the good life in Ohio. Two girls, Natasha and Yelena are happy and well adjusted. Both parents, Melina (Rachel Weisz) and Alexei (David Harbour) are working and seem to be enjoying their suburban life. Until one night when Alexei announces that the big adventure the girls have been expecting……

  • “Ondine” Movie Review

    “Ondine” Movie Review

    Syracuse (Colin Farrell) is a hardworking fisherman recovering from addiction while helping his ex-wife support their young daughter, who happens to be wheelchair-bound with kidney failure, Annie (Alison Barry). One day while trolling with his nets, Syracuse finds a woman entangled in the nets! Yikes! Ondine (Alicja Bachleda) is barely alive but, Syracuse revives her…

  • “Thunder Force” Movie Review

    “Thunder Force” Movie Review

    When Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer) was in middle school, she lost her parents during an attack by the evil super-powered miscreants. Emily knew her parents (both Ph.D. geneticists) were close to developing a serum to help good people gain super-powers, to balance out the miscreants. Emily made it her mission in life to continue their…

  • Marvel Celebrates the Movies

    Marvel Celebrates the Movies

    Here is a pretty awesome trailer released May 3, 2021 for Phase 4 of the Marvel Universe. Included in this trailer is the first, very quick, look at the “Eternals” starring….Dinesh (for all us “Silicon Valley” fans). And….oh, yeah…..Awkwafina is here too….and a bunch of other lesser known people (Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie,…

  • “Wonder Woman 1984” Gag Reel

    “Wonder Woman 1984” Gag Reel

    Warner Bros released this extremely funny gag reel from “Wonder Woman 1984” yesterday. Enjoy! Drive Safe! Never Forget. More recent movies and stuff…..

  • “Thunder Force” Official Trailer

    “Thunder Force” Official Trailer

    Streaming on Netflix April 9, 2021, “Thunder Force” re-unites two childhood friends when one develops a way to give both of them super-powers. Looks funny and action packed. Who are the two stars? 🙂 Drive Safe! Never Forget More comedies, action, and adventure……

  • “Monster Hunter” Official Trailer

    “Monster Hunter” Official Trailer

    In another world, monsters rule and it takes a special team to defeat them. “Monster Hunter” stars Mila Jovovich as the leader of this team and their success will determine the fate of the world. Looks exciting. 🙂 Now streaming on your favorite streaming app. Drive Safe! Never Forget. More fantasy, action, and adventure movies…..