Carol Phan

Carol Phan

Not sure how you found this, but, please visit the “ABOUT” page for more recent information. This was written only a few days after Carol died.


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I rarely post personal stuff….this is different because I need your help.

This weekend 4 kids were killed in Tracy, CA in a senseless car accident.  One happened to be my daughters best friend, and one of our “part-time” daughters.

Since 6th grade we took Carol everywhere at least once a week.  I am posting .  Many more pictures will be going up there in the coming weeks (I have gigs and gigs to sift thru).  See the link to pictures over there ———>

What I Need From You

I need a hot shot software designer to design some SW to throttle a car’s top speed to, say 55 mph, for selected drivers.  For example, if the person driving Carol the other night would have had an adult brain….errr, if the car had a brain they would not have been able to go 80 to 100 mph on a back road (NOTE: A subsequent report, in the newspaper, stated that the car was only going about 55 MPH.  We await the final CHP report for the final estimate of speed).  The car would have been set to stop this driver (or a default driver) from going that fast. (NOTE AGAIN:  Lifelong friend, Thomas Alexander, has told me this is not a great idea…we are working on new ideas that are interesting).

Since kids in their teenage years are lacking the brain function to control themselves…lets give parents the option to control the car.

Please…let’s do this.

I don’t  care if we are being too controlling…I would rather have Carol alive and mad as hell at me, than what we now have.

Here is a video of Carol’s first visit to UC Davis where she was planning to attend on an Academic Scholarship.  One day away…

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  1. Luis, Teresa, and Brian:

    Thanks for commenting. Luis, I’m am sorry for your previous loss. Also, I only wish you could have gotten to know Carol….God how I wish. We love Carol and you would have too.

    Teresa: thanks. I moved your comments to this site. Your continued support is appreciated!

    Brian: I corrected the above blog entry (I am clearly not an expert) with the latest info. More information from the CHP will follow in the months to come. I was at every family visitation, spent days with Carol and her family, and was there for the cremation. Don’t think I don’t care….you have no idea. She was like a daughter to us…
    PS: We do not yet know who was driving….the CHP will tell us when they are done investigating. My big thing now is CURFEWS. Parents need to stay involved and engaged past the arbitrary 18…..they need to continue to set limits no matter how difficult (as long as the kids are at home). They all made wrong decisions…I want to stop this from happening again.

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