Stop Sign (Does anyone Stop at a Stop Sign in Tracy?)

While my wife was in the new Baskin-Robbins the other night (getting me ice cream!).  I was sitting in the car watching the cars run right thru the 4 stop signs on the roads coming in and out of the Save Mart Shopping Center.

I saw maybe 100 cars total in that short time span and 90 to 95 of them DID NOT STOP.  Several of them just blew right thru at a high rate of speed.

OK…..look….driving STOOPID is rampant in Tracy. Wake up people, or you may never wake up again.  I’ll sit there one day with my video camera….and post the video here….maybe you will be on it!  Maybe you will stop!  ??


When you see a stop sign it mean STOP.   Here are the words right from the DMV book, that you all had to study and CLAIM you understood:

An eight-sided red STOP
sign means you must make STOP
a full “STOP” whenever
you see a STOP sign. Stop before
entering a crosswalk or at a white
limit line which is a wide white line
painted on the street. If a crosswalk
or limit line is not painted on the
street, stop at the corner.

For clarification:  FULL stop means your wheels stop turning.  Then you need to look BOTH ways to make sure it is safe to cross (and you won’t be hitting a pedestrian coming up on the right)….

Drive Safely!   Never Forget!

PS: Two teenagers were killed last night close by (in San Joaquin County).  They blew thru a STOP sign and now their parents and friends are going thru what we have just gone thru.

Stop the madness….BE CAREFUL and THINK while you drive.  THINK: “Am I doing the right thing, or am I just being STOOPID?”


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