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“Red Riding Hood” Movie Review

“Red Riding Hood” Movie Review

Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman star in this dark, brooding, movie about a werewolf taking it’s revenge after lying low for 20 years.  This werewolf is extremely powerful thanks to generations of inbreeding and with the Red Moon coming up, the next in the long line of werewolfs is about to be enlisted.

The term “bite me” takes on new meaning….

The soundtrack is awesome.  The wolf is scary, fast, and brutal.  As you try to guess who the wolf is, the director makes sure you suspect just about everyone in the town….including Grandma.  “What big eyes you have….”

Sometimes the sets look fake (well, duh, they are!), but, overall this was a very enjoyable movie.

Lots of teens, and lots of texting going on which was distracting with a thousand points of light in the theater.  Turn off your phone and enjoy the movie!  Geeezzz…

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


  1. I wanted to go for this, despite being very aware of the fact that I wasn’t the target audience…
    I was ready to excuse, its misjudged use of music, its blatant attempts to copy the twilight movies, its OTT acting by Gary Oldman… but in the end it’s too silly for genre lovers, or those who were looking for something more refined like “in the company of the wolves” for example, and it’s too close to Twilight (almost like a copy of it); so much so that it actually annoyed what were meant to be the fans. Also, it must be said, a lot of those Twilight lovers came from the original books, here it all just relies on the similarities with another saga.

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