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“The Lincoln Lawyer” Movie Review

“The Lincoln Lawyer” Movie Review

Terrific movie!

As a mobile lawyer (he works out of his Lincoln Continental) walking the line between honest and dishonest, Matthew McConaughey hits a grand slam!

This movie is based on the first Mickey Haller book by Michael Connelly (even though he writes in my favored genre, as TracyReaderDad, I have yet to read Connelly).

Mickey (Matthew) was selected to represent a rich spoiled young man accused of beating up a hooker.  As the movie progresses we find out that the rich kid is not as innocent as he claims, and Mickey’s life, and the lives of those who know him, may be in danger.

Twists and surprises, great courtroom scenes, and fast pacing (without a whole lot of action) make “The Lincoln Lawyer” a must see!

If there is any doubt why we chose to see this movie over the others….DUH…Trace Adkins !!   If you want to see a great concert, pitch perfect, go see Trace Adkins (Eddie, the motorcycle gang leader).

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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  1. While it sticks to the courtroom thriller formula, this is an entertaining ride thanks to a terrific screenplay and Matthew McConaughey’s magnetic lead performance. It’s the perfect time killer, because you won’t ever feel bored. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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