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“Limitless” Movie Review

“Limitless” Movie Review

Very good movie.

Would you take a pill that allows your brain to work at it’s full capacity?

My answer:  YES!  My dream has always been to be a University Professor doing research and writing up my findings in the IEEE.  Too bad my brain didn’t match up to my dreams.

Bradley Cooper took the pill, and was addicted.  His world changed, but was it for the better?

“Limitless” was a very good movie (just a notch below “The Lincoln Lawyer”).

The special effects were, at times, awesome.  They made you dizzy, but, I think that was the point.  Very cool.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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  1. You could pick the script apart for impossibilities. But why bother? It’s much more enjoyable to shut your brain off and have a good time. Cooper is also amazing as a leading man, and can really pull it off. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    • Nice site! One of the reasons I thought of doing movie reviews was that the “real reviewers” think WAY too much. Just go and have fun, as you said “shut your brain off”. Thanks for your comment!

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