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“Thor” Movie Review

“Thor” Movie Review

 (Lori: Loves mythology, and (?) Chris Hemsworth)

 (Mike: Confusing visual experience, Portman rocks)

Mike’s Review

Arrogant and impetuous, the young Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is ready to fight at the drop of a hat.  After invading another realm itching for a fight, Dad saves him (and his friends) then banishes his ass to Earth where he meets scientist Natalie Portman (as Jane Foster), and her team (Stellan Skarsgard (as Erik Selvig) and Kat Dennings (as Darcy Lewis).

An evil brother, aging father, and loyal gatekeeper keep things interesting at home while Thor tries to grab his hammer on Earth.

Visual treat, but, if you have not followed the Marvel comic books, or care a whole lot about myths / legends of Thor, like Lori does, it is confusing.

I liked the connections to Iron Man…very cool, and some really funny lines, mostly delivered by Darcy (“They took my iPod….I had 40 songs on it”).

There will be a sequel…possibly “The Avengers” due out in 2012.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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  1. Good review Mike. I had quite high expectations for this given the subject matter – especially given the latest re-imaging of Marvel Comic movies. I’m afraid I couldn’t have been more disappointed though. The story line departs quite a bit from the Marvel line (itself taking great liberties with the traditional mythology) – not a deal killer per se, but I felt if the movie makers were going to alter the story lines – be innovative. Instead, they took the safe, over wrought film studies 101 approach of: hero betrayed, hero meets girl, hero redeems self, blah blah blah. Replace Thor with any other character and it could be mistaken for about a dozen romantic comedies from the last year alone.

    Having said all that – it wasn’t a bad bit of eye fodder. Decent visual effects, lots of action, bright colors, etc. I had joked a couple of weeks ago that, for fun, I’d go see it and loudly and throughout the entire film yell, “WHICH ONE IS THOR?” I didn’t, of course, but it occurred to me later a better question would have been, “Why did I spend $8.00 for this?” This is a Netflix kind of movie at best.


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