“Super 8” Movie Review

“Super 8” Movie Review


Take one part “Alien”, one part “ET”, and one part “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” mix, shake, add a few precocious kids, and you have “Super 8”.

In 1979, a group of kids (aspiring movie makers) being bad (underage driving, sneaking out of the house….arrrghh) late at night nearly die in a train wreck as they are filming a scene for their movie.  Running for their lives, their video camera captures the images of the wreck and of an alien escaping from the train.  But since it is 1979, they have to wait several days to see these images…

“Super 8” picks up as the Air Force cleans up the remnants of the train wreck and searches for the alien while the alien (and the Air Force) terrorize the town.

Kyle Chandler (as Sheriff Jackson Lamb) is a favorite of ours (Pure Country, Early Edition)  and the kids are amazing, especially Joel Courtney (as Joe Lamb), Riley Griffiths (as Charles), and Elle Fanning (as Alice Dainard, who is, in my opinion, a super talented actress).

Go see it!   It is PG-13 and I remember one very clear f-word.  The 1979 references are nostalgic for us old folks.  The action is terrific and the movie the kids are making is cool.

Be sure to stay for the credits so you can watch the kid’s finished movie…

Curious as to what Super 8 is?  Click this link.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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