“Zookeeper” Movie Review

“Zookeeper” Movie Review

(great family friendly movie!)

I love this scene!

The critics can take lessons in how to enjoy life.  Hey….”Zookeeper” is not an Oscar worthy high brow serious movie.  It IS a FUN family movie that kids and adults will both enjoy.  It is funny, it is FUN, and it teaches a lesson:  Be yourself.

Kevin James (as Griffin Keyes) is awesome.  He has been moving up my list of favorite actors and this movie moved him up even more.  His comic timing is perfect.

Griffin is in love.  He takes his girlfriend on a horseback ride on the beach when she spots a bottle in the sand.  Getting off the horse, she pulls out a note, and finds out it is a marriage proposal from Griffin.  She says no.  It turns out she does not like Giffin’s career as a Zookeeper (he loves his job at the zoo, is good to the animals, kind, helpful, generous…).

5 years later, the old girlfriend makes a re-appearance and Griffin falls again.  This time the animals step in and start giving him advice.

Go see it!  Don’t listen to the critics…they really need to get a life.  This movie is wonderful fun for the whole family.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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