“Crazy Stupid Love” Movie Review

We have seen a number of great movies lately.  When you are swept away in a world of fantasy for 2 hours while the cares of the real world drift away…that is a great movie.

This is a great movie, complete with the most surprising twists I have seen, and the funniest 7 or 8 minutes EVER where the entire cast is brought together and you are rolling on the floor.  At the end, the audience (mostly teens by the way) clapped!

Julianne Moore (Emily) tells Steve Carrell (Cal) over dinner that she wants a divorce.  Devastated, Cal sets off on his own spending a good deal of time in a bar talking to himself.  That is where he meets Ryan Gosling (Jacob) a smooth womanizer who leaves with a different woman every night.

Jacob decides to help Cal by teaching him how to be, well, Jacob.  Soon Cal is his own smooth operator eventually bedding 9 women.  But he is still sad, and still loves Emily.

Emma Stone (Hannah) and Analeigh Tipton (Jessica) round out the major players who are ALL tremendous.  Marisa Tomei (Kate) is wild.

One totally appropriate F-word uttered by Emma Stone as Gosling removes his shirt (and the girls / women /some of the guys in the audience gasp).  Yes, he looks Photoshopped….damn.

Small kids will not understand the sexual references, but, since it is PG-13 I would leave the little ones home (with a babysitter like Jessica!).

The TWISTS are so surprising…..they take your breath away!  And as the surprises are unfolding, you will experience the funniest 7 or 8 minutes ever put in a movie!  (Did I say that already?)

A must see….leave the action behind for a week and go see a romantic comedy that will blow you away.

PS:  I thought Gibbs offed Liza Lapira (Liz)…it is very nice to see she is alive and well.  🙂

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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