I was surfing the other day when I ran across an announcement of an upcoming feature from Apple called “iCloud”.

iWas interested in what that might be, so iTook a look at their web pages, and what iFound was that this is a pretty cool service, and that iWould probably like it.

OK, enuf of the iStuff (even though uHave to admit, iAm pretty clever for an old guy).

The Problem

Lori owns an iPod and an iPhone.  She buys iTunes music, or a video, or a movie, on the iPod.  Well, that stuff only shows up on her iPhone if she syncs BOTH the iPod and the iPhone to her Windows 7 Toshiba laptop.  A real hassle.  If she bought an iPad….the hassles just increased.

The same goes for pictures, email, contacts, and a host of other applications and utilities.

The Solution–iCloud

In Fall 2011, Lori may have a very cool solution to her syncing issues, via the cloud using iCloud.

I have written about the ongoing paradigm shift (I use those words when I write to impress!) to “the cloud”.  Basically, the cloud is the Internet.  More and more stuff is residing on the Internet, and all you have to do is grab it.  You can grab it from anywhere at anytime with any (well, almost any) device.  Pretty cool.  Hmmm, scratch that…VERY COOL.

OK, so now Lori buys a new George Strait song on her iPod.  But now,  iCloud automatically uploads that new song to “the cloud”.  And when Lori turns on her iPhone, iCloud automatically downloads
the new song to the iPhone (I assume they ask if she wants it, but, that remains to be seen).  Ditto with her computer.  So now, Lori has no more hassles!  All her devices (except of course the Android devices) are automatically kept up to date with each other via “the cloud”.  VERY COOL! (Did I say that already?)

Now backing up important stuff (emails, contacts, documents, music, pictures, etc) is a breeze, so if you lose your phone, you don’t lose your “life”.

It works via 3G (or 4G?) or WiFi.  Just connect and iCloud takes care of you.

Issues / Limitations

One issue is that Lori is going to have to upgrade her mobile devices (iPod and iPhone and iPad if she got one) to iOS5 when it becomes available.  I do not know how hard that might be, but, we did an update recently and it was ok, but, she lost some stuff in the process.

Another is that you only get 5GB of free storage in “the cloud”.  More than that and you gotta pay.  How much?  Dunno yet…


Using “the cloud” is just beginning.  New applications will start rolling out so fast your head will be spinning.  I wish I was 20 again so I could participate for a longer time….arrrghhh.

This is an awesome time for technology, a terrible time for the economy, and a worse time for political idiots who all need to get booted (or be the recipient of swift boot in the ass….where is Toby when you need him).





Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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