“Take Me Home Tonight” Movie Review

(fun coming of age movie)

We watched this on VUDU and really enjoyed it.  If I would have known how good this movie was when we went to see the awful “Rango”, we would have seen this movie instead.

It’s 1988, and recent MIT engineering graduate, Topher Grace (as Matt Franklin) is working at a video store while he tries to find himself.

One day, his high school “crush”  (Teresa Palmer, as Tori Frederking) visits the store and Franklin lies about his employment to impress her.  They agree to meet later that night at a party.

Franklin, his twin sister Anna Faris (as Wendy Franklin) and friend Dan Fogler (as Barry Nathan) head off to the party looking for Frederking and getting into trouble.

During the course of the party (actually, parties)….they learn about life and what is important to them.  Very cool.

Rent it!

“Take Me Home Tonight” not for kids.  One really nice boob scene, some sexual references, and lots of  f-words.  It is rated R.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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