Movie Reviews

“Dolphin Tale” Movie Review

(excellent wholesome family movie)

A fisherman finds an injured dolphin washed up on the beach.  He yells to a passing kid (Nathan Gamble as Sawyer Nelson) and uses his cell phone to call 911.

Harry Connick Jr. (as Dr. Clay Haskett) and his team from the local marine animal hospital repond and take the dolphin (named “Winter” by Connick’s daughter, Cozi Zuehlsdorff (as Hazel Haskett)) to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the dolphin’s tale is infected and needs to be amputated.

Sawyer saves the day by recruiting Morgan Freeman (as Dr. Cameron McCarthy) to build a prosthetic for Winter.

Kids and parents alike will love Dolphin Tale.  No f-words, in fact, no cussing at all.  A heartwarming story of survival and people who care more about animals than about money.

Go to IMDB for more information.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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