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“Johnny English Reborn” Movie Review

(If you LOVE Mr. Bean, you will like this movie)

After a failed protection detail in 2006, Johnny English (the outstanding Rowan Atkinson) left MI7 and spent 5 years learning the ancient martial arts and how to control his body with his mind.   The time has come for MI7 to call him back, and he asks his Master if he is ready.

His Master replied:  “No”

Oh, well, ready or not….English travels back to England to solve the mystery of the Vortex organization bent on killing the Chinese Premier.

A bumbling version of 007, English  somehow manages to save the day and solve the mystery.  Getting to that point is hilarious (assuming you have acquired a fondness for Rowan Atkinson’s weirdly stupid humor, like I have….he is simply the best physical comic actor the world has ever seen (well…maybe a tie with Benny Hill).  Mr. Bean rocks).

OK for kids, no f-words, no cursing at all.  It will not win the box office this week as there were very few people in the theater, but, the people who were there are a special breed.

The ending is awesome.  Stay all the way till the end.  There is a classic Mr. Bean silent act, set to the music from Fantasia, that is not to be missed by his fans.

For more information, go here.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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