“Total Recall” Movie Review

(Fun, Action, Action, Action)

“Total Recall”  is based on a 23 page short story that I read in Barnes & Noble after the movie.

Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) is a bored factory worker commuting daily between his home, in what used to be Australia, and his job in what used to be the UK.   He is married to Lori Quaid (Kate Beckinsale) and has a recurring dream starring Melina (Jessica Biel).

Douglas wants more.  He visits the local ReKall location to partake of a memory trip as a Secret Agent.

But things go horribly wrong….people die, and Quaid kills the invaders and escapes.  Biel shows up to save him.  But is this real?  Or part of the memory trip?  Is he simply in a chair dreaming all this?  The rest of the movie is an action filled thrill ride with tons of great computer graphics, wonderful use of glass, and hand-to-glass video conferencing (I write a blog on video conferencing, so this technology depiction was terrific…. to nerdly me).

Oh yeah…..three boobs…gotta love it!  🙂  I was so engrossed in the action, that I do not RECALL any f-words, or cussing.  I caught the boob scene, though.  Colin Farrell is a handsome man, in great shape, and both Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale are stunning.  A handsome cast sure to please everyone.

Must see…you will enjoy a quick, fun, action packed, engrossing two hours.  A mini-vacation from all your troubles.

Visit IMDb for more information.  We watched this in the Tracy, CA CineMark where our poster is STILL UP!  🙂



          1. You were right! I really liked it! Yes it has problems… no it’s not the best movie I’ve seen lately… and there really was no real reason to remake Total Recall in the first place… but I did genuinely enjoy it 🙂

            To be honest, it should be doing far better in the box office. I’ve seen worse movies bring in more :/

          2. One reason I started doing movie reviews, other than the fact that Carol enjoyed going to the movies (if only to laugh with Kristen….), was that the “critics” spend too much time thinking, and not enough time just enjoying. 🙂 This is not an Oscar worthy movie, but, it sure is fun…glad you liked it! 🙂

          3. Something I’ve noticed is that I can go to a film and really enjoy it… but it’s only when I’m writing the review that I realise that it wasn’t that great after all! Am just about to post my review and, reading over it, it seems like I didn’t really like it even though I did. Funny that 🙂

          4. Hmmmm, maybe your last sentence should be: “it seems like I didn’t really like it even though I did. Funny that.”


            Did you get to meet anyone from the movie?

          5. Not yet, the Press Screening was on Friday where I got to see the film with other writers. The red carpet premiere is on this coming Tuesday where I’ll get to meet the cast 🙂 🙂


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