“The Big Wedding” Movie Review

4-Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Review(Love comes in different forms)

I had no expectations going into this movie. We went to see it simply because we were tired of blood and gore and in the mood for a comedy. I was totally surprised how much fun we had (like totally laughing out loud with the audience of 4 people)!

the big wedding

“The Big Wedding” is a great ensemble movie…funny, touching, real.

Shining among the ensemble, headed by several Hollywood heavyweights, were Katherine Heigl (recently dumped and depressed), Topher Grace (a 29 year old virgin physician) and Robin Williams (a priest). When they were on screen…the movie sparkled.

The plot involves the upcoming wedding (to Amanda Seyfried) of adopted son, Alejandro (Ben Barnes), and the arrival of his birth mother (Patricia Rae) who is a strict Catholic. The couple who raised Alejandro (some minor actors named Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton) are now divorced but must play married while mom is visiting. Another lightweight, Susan Sarandon (De Niro’s long time girlfriend), becomes the third woman during the visit.

All hell breaks loose. Hilarious!

The f-words fly as do sexual situations and innuendos. One nude scene involving Alejandro’s

ana ayora

20 year old Latina sister (Ana Ayora). Not for kids, in fact, those under 40 may not like it (unless you have a slightly warped sense of humor like us old folks).

One scene is particularly wonderful where they pan the camera to show the different forms of love. Very impressive.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark which is in the middle of a major upgrade. Carpet, tools, and heavy machines are all over the place. The new faux leather seats are awesome (I was told these have metal springs where the old ones were plastic).

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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