“The Great Gatsby” Movie Reivew

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3D sucks.  It is DISTRACTING, ANNOYING and adds NOTHING  to the telling of the story other than making more money for greedy movie makers.  Beyond that it makes the movie jerky (it seems to lower the frame rate) and the glasses on top of my glasses is ridiculous and uncomfortable.  NEW RULE:   I will wait until movies come out at times when I can watch them in 2D,  I will never watch a 3D movie again, and if all movies become 3D…I will read.

I definitely want to watch “The Great Gatsby” in 2D so I can actually concentrate on it, but, luckily, I read the book and had a pretty good idea how it would unfold and end.  There are some liberties taken in the movie, but, they worked fine.  Overall, it followed the book rather well (I loved the times when the movie showed the writings).

the great gatsbyNick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) moved to an $80 per month bungalow nestled among huge mansions on West Egg, Long Island (a fictitious town).  West Egg is new money while across the bay is East Egg…old, stuck-up, money.

Nick’s neighbor is Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio).  Gatsby is an enigma.  Everyone attends his parties (grandly depicted in this movie with Pitbull like music…how weird), but, no one really knows Gatsby.  There are rumors, but, that is all.

One thing we learn early on is that Gatsby is obsessed with the green light on the opposite shore.  That green light is on the dock of the house where Tom and Daisy Buchanan (Joel Edgerton and  Carey Mulligan) live.  Oh…Daisy is Nick’s cousin.

What follows is a love story, a sad love story.  No happy endings here.

“The Great Gatsby” is wonderfully photographed.  Bold and bright, with camera angles that accentuate the time period (for example…the long hoods of the automobiles)  and debauchery of the early 20’s (prohibition is in force).  The acting is Broadway quality, in fact, at times the movie reminded me of a play.  Tobey Maguire is particularly good as Nick (my favorite book character).  The eyes of God billboard is perfect!

No f-words but lots of drinking, some sex, smoking and (arrrghh) unsafe driving (which made me feel really uncomfortable).  Not for younger kids, and I am not sure teens would like it.  It is unique.  And long.

Go see it….in 2D.  3D is stupid and unnecessary….did I say that already?

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the almost done with remodeling CineMark in Tracy, CA.   I have some pictures I will post….it looks cool and the chairs are awesome.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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