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I have said this many times over the years:  Steve Jobs (and the Woz) were not afraid to innovate.  They changed the world…..more than once.  The last speech in this movie brought me to tears.

jobs and woz“Jobs” is a wonderful movie that I think is totally mis-understood by the non-techy, too young generation, of movie reviewers who simply missed the beauty of ENGINEERING a product, and the technology history lesson included within.

These reviewers think a product just appears….it does not.  The design of the simplest device is a very long process, a very detailed process that takes innovation and fortitude.  “Jobs” the movie captures the history of personal computers perfectly.  I was tripping down memory lane for the whole two hours.  Yes…the differences between marketing deadlines and engineers is divisive, Yes, Apple was first…not IBM.  Yes, Windows 95 (or whatever was first for them) was a rip off of the Mac graphical user interface.

Add the stuff the movie did not go into: the mouse (point and click), the iPhone, the iPod (they touched on this a bit), Pixar, and so much more.  Clearly, Steve Jobs changed the world, and he did it several times.

“Insanely great.”

One f-word that I heard.  Ashton Kutcher nails the role (I don’t care about the personality accuracy…ignore that…look at the history of the personal computer, it is as I remember it).  This is a remarkable history lesson, and a pretty good engineering education as well. Engineering is not easy.  TRUE innovation always meets with resistance from those who simply do not have the vision of the visionaries.  I know all too well.   Jobs was a visionary, and Woz is an amazing engineer.  A perfect team at the perfect time.

Must see.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

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