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“Backwards” Movie Review


Abi Brooks (played by Sarah Megan Thomas) is an Olympic level rower.  In the last Olympics she was an alternate.

backwardsThis four year period, she worked extra hard and did everything the coach asked of her.  Unfortunately, at nearly 30, she was once again the alternate.  Not wanting that, she quit and went home to live with her mother, where she moped around in a semi-depression.

One day she met an old boyfriend (Geoff, played by James Van Der Beek) at the store.  He is the athletic director at a local high school and has been called into duty as the temporary coach of the girls rowing team until he can find a coach.

How convenient.

Abi gets the job and does a lousy job not realizing that these are high school kids….not Olympic level athletes.  After a time, she gets it, and two of the kids she is coaching shine.

“Backwards” is a fun, sweet movie.  James Van Der Beek has an easy going acting style and is quite good.  He absolutely nails the teacher attitude.  “Backwards” is fine for kids even though there is one shit-word.  The movie shows how rewarding teaching can be, and how difficult (and sometimes cut-throat) rowing is.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix (Thank you Ryan!).

Drive Safe!  Never Forget

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