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“Captain Phillips” Movie Review

5-Watertowers Movie Reviews College Scholarships(Terrifying, Tense, Terrific)

The best movie of the year.

captain phillipsTom Hanks (as Captain Phillips) is outstanding and should get an Oscar nod.  The four first-time actors who played the Somali pirates are equally convincing….especially Barkhad Abdi who played Muse.  Can a first-time actor get an Oscar?  Abdi would be my choice…he was awesome.  Wow.

Based on true events, the movie simply follows Captain Phillips as he leaves home in Vermont on an assignment off the coast of Africa piloting a merchant ship carrying food and other goods to Kenya (I believe).

Reading his emails, Captain Phillips decides to up security and start having drills almost immediately after getting under way.  Simultaneously, they spot the pirates approaching.   Evasive actions work for a little while, but, Muse turns out to be stubborn and intelligent.  His persistence pays off as he and three compatriots capture the monstrous, unarmed, cargo ship.

What happens next is terrifying, tense, and terrific. Movie-making at it’s best.   “Captain Phillips” is worth every penny you spend going to the movies, but, make sure your heart is strong enough to participate.  Heart pounding-ly intense until the final minute.

I do not remember any f-words, but, the action was so intense I was not paying that much attention to anything but gripping my chair.

Must see.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget

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