“About Time” Movie Review

4-Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Review(Heartwarming Tearjerker)

Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) turns 21 and has a heart-to-heart talk with his Dad (Bill Nighy). This is when Tim learns that he has the ability to travel back in time, with restrictions.

about timeTim gives it a try and finds that he can rectify some situations he missed out on.  His first time travel experiment finds him back a a New Years Eve party where he kisses the girl he only shook hands with the first time.

Tim meets Mary (Rachel McAdams) and, via time travel, pursues Mary and eventually finds true happiness with her.

Although time travel is a good thing it comes with restrictions (all magic comes with a price).  For example, travelling back in time can really mess things up in the present, if done incorrectly. Tim accidentally finds this out, then travels back in time to ask his Dad how to fix this. His Dad informs of all the restrictions and the ultimate key for a happy life.

As in real life, not everything is perfect and “About Time” becomes a real tearjerker, so bring tissue.  An outstanding cast in an impeccable movie. No f-words that I remember but adult themes make it R rated.

Watch (listen) for several “Harry Potter” references.  Note: Domhnall Gleeson played Bill Weasley in Deathly Hallows I and II and is the real-life son of Mad-Eye Moody (Brendan Gleeson).

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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