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“The Wolf of Wall Street” Movie Review Movie Review 3-Watertowers(Overly Long Debauchery)

Superlative acting dragged under by lack of editing.

wolfWhat started out crack-ling good, ended up being way too long.  As things started to get repetitious, cell phones started lighting up in the theater checking the time, and I actually looked at my phone wondering why we had to endure yet another overly long scene depicting Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) drug / sex / alcohol / greed excesses.  EDIT!  This movie would have been a 5 WaterTower had it stopped at 2 hours.  3 hours was torture…the same debauchery scenes that we already saw and knew.  We get it….stop already.  EDIT!

The story is simple: Great salesman, and talker, (Belfort / DiCaprio) starts a business selling penny stocks. He enlists a cadre of losers to help him. They make millions of dollars and enjoy unlimited sex, drugs, alcohol, and  then more greed.  Repeat often.  We get it…EDIT!

Let’s get to the performances.  DiCaprio (as a super greedy Long Island stock broker) is excellent (as always).  Jonah Hill (as his friend Donnie Azoff) has a set of creepy large white teeth and an equally creepy personality. He nails it. Matthew McConaughey (in a small part as Mark Hanna) is stupendous (he lights up the screen). Kyle Chandler (as FBI Agent Patrick Denham) is very Columbo-like with a smallish part. The rest of cast is equally accomplished. I mean, come-on….Rob Reiner….??….how can you go wrong?

Ah, I know….lack of EDITING!   EDIT!

Definitely NOT for kids.  F-words fly, naked women (boobs, butts, and bush (or shaved bush) galore), naked men (including an all man sex fest), simulated sex, masturbation (Jonah Hill’s weenie), drug use, and alcohol abuse….in abundance (over and over and over and over again….EDIT!).  I almost think the Director just wanted an excuse to have naked women running around the set…

Debauchery:  Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this 3 hour movie at the Tracy, CA CineMark theater.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget. Drive Safe

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