“The Lego Movie” Movie Review


Other than a catchy tune, “The Lego Movie” is sleep inducing terrible.

the lego movieI fell asleep several times, and Lori took a nice relaxing snooze as well.  Leaving the movie several adults were talking about how awful it was.  One mimicked putting her finger down her throat. What the heck are the critics thinking?  Did they go see “The Lego Movie”, or just review it based on PR? I suspect the latter…..and people listen to them?  Sad.

What is this movie about?  As far as I can tell….ordinary people can be special.

How nice.

Why was this #1 for three weeks?  A mystery…..yuck….go see a good movie like “Non-Stop”. Don’t waste anymore money on this one.

Go to IMDb for more information (and a really whacked out rating of 8.4).  We slept through this movie in the comfortable new seats at the Tracy, CA CineMark.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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