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“The Longest Week” Movie Review

2.5-Watertowers Movie Review(Life Lessons at 40)

Conrad Valmont’s (Jason Bateman) parents own a fancy hotel and are very rich. One day, when Conrad was a young boy, they went on a short vacation which turned into a 30 year romp around the world. Conrad was left under the care of servants and employees.

the longest weekAt age 40, Conrad’s loser parents decided they could no longer stand each other, and separated. Neither one wanted to support Conrad, so he was booted out of the hotel (his home) and cut off from any money. Broke and not at all sure of what he had to do, he moved in with his best friend, Dylan Tate (Billy Crudup) telling him the hotel was being remodeled. Dylan was dating Beatrice Fairbanks (Olivia Wilde) and warned Conrad not to do anything with her.

Conrad did.

“The Longest Week” is a sometimes interesting look into the life of a privileged rich kid now 40 years old, but, still a kid who has no idea how he is going to live the rest of his life without mommy and daddy’s money. Once cut off from his supply of money, he actual takes steps towards growing up.

Not for kids. Mostly boring with short flashes of brilliance, for example, there is a dance scene with Bateman and Wilde that is wonderful.

We watched this on Netflix (thanks, Ryan!).

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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