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“The History Boys” Movie Review

2.5-Watertowers Movie Review(Hard to Understand, Mostly Boring)

Kristen watched this for a little while and gave this review: “Boring as F**k”.

the history boysI kind of agree with her assessment, except the last 30 minutes, or so, were much more interesting, and sad, than the rest of the movie.

A teacher (Mr. Hector played by the late Richard Griffiths) who teaches his students how to learn and how to think (rather than rote learning to pass a test, ala No Child Left Behind) is being asked to retire early because he allegedly groped a male student. A substitute teacher is brought in to start taking some of the teaching load from Mr. Hector. Unfortunately, he is a rote teacher who cannot see the value of Hector’s teaching philosophy.

The students are in a class destined to interview for admission to either Oxford or Cambridge. Smart kids. But also kids with normal problems dealing with life as a teenager.

“The History Boys” audio made it very hard to understand and, as such, it was hard to follow the story line. Lots of F-words. Not for kids.

The ending is shocking and heart-wrenching, so have tissue available.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this using Chromecast on Google Play.

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