“A Bag of Hammers” Movie Review

4-Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Review(Immature Thieves Grow Up)

Ben (Jason Ritter) and Alan (Jake Sandvig) are car thieves.

a bag of hammers

They masquerade as Valet parking attendants at various locations, particularly at graveyards where the mourning families willing give the duo their car keys. They have yet to get caught and bring the cars to Marty (Todd Louiso) who gives them a considerable amount of money.

With this money, the dynamic duo own a house which they rent part of.

Lynette (Carrie Preston) and her son Kelsey (Chandler Canterbury) are survivors of Hurricane Katrina and have recently moved in. Lynette is trying to find employment but her skill set does not seem to match anything that is available. She is falling into depression and is neglecting Kelsey who valiantly tries to keep things normal at home while attending school and making friends with Ben, Alan, and Alan’s sister Melanie (Rebecca Hall).

This friendship proves essential when Lynette commits suicide and Ben & Alan take Kelsey in. They find that they have to grow up…..really quickly.

“A Bag of Hammers” refers to life: Everyone is dealt a bag of hammers, it is what you do with those hammers that matter. F-words, not for kids. “A Bag of Hammers” is an excellent film that is both sad and uplifting. It was written and directed by Jake Sandvig (Alan).

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix. Thanks, Ryan!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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