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“Wild” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Pacific Crest Trail Therapy)

Cheryl Strayer (Reese Witherspoon) is battling some serious demons. One way to confront herself and those demons, she decides, is to hike over 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail.

wild blog94 days later she finds herself and excises (hmmm, exercises?) her demons.

The death of her mother (Laura Dern) initiates Cheryl’s slide into drug and sex self-abuse. Still married, Cheryl smokes, then injects, heroin and has sex, anywhere, with any man showing the least bit of interest. Her husband finds her and takes her home, but, they divorce.

Cheryl then takes a hike. Literally.

“Wild” is a fascinating, powerful, look at one person’s attempt to find herself and excise her demons.  Along the trail she meets nice people willing to help her and creeps who she has to ward off.  The PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) is a fundamental part of the movie, but, secondary to learning about Cheryl, via flashbacks during the hike, and the trials and tribulations life has handed her from her abusive father, her mother dying, heroin addiction, sex addiction, and divorce.

“Wild” is not for kids as it deals with intense adult themes. Reese Witherspoon gets naked, has sex multiple times, and does drugs.  What happened to Legally Blonde?  😉

The real Cheryl Strayer makes a short appearance.

Go to IMDb for more information.  I watched this on HBO while Lori is recovering from pneumonia in the hospital.

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