“The Book Thief” Movie Review

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You know you are in for a rough time when the opening credits and movie are narrated by Death himself.

the book thief blog“No one lives forever…..”.

Bummer….and I thought this was about books. I guess if you consider book burning by the Nazis, and book “borrowing” by our heroine, Liesel (Sophie Nelisse), I guess it is….sort of.

An older childless couple re expecting to adopt a boy and a girl in the late 1930’s. The boy dies on the way, but the girl, Liesel, finds a new home with a kindly father, Hans (Geoffrey Rush) and a “thunderous” mother, Rosa (Emily Watson).

Times are changing in Germany just prior to WWII as the Nazis are gaining strength…..controlling how people think and live. If you don’t join the Nazi party, are a Jew, or a communist, your world is about to get worse.

But some people are stronger than the Nazis…..

“The Book Thief” is a depressing movie, more about death and destruction than books. True, Liesel learns how to read while with Hans and Rosa, and “borrows” books by breaking into the Burgermeister’s house (his books were not burned) and reads them to a critically ill Jewish friend they are protecting.

But DEATH is always there…..and death always wins.

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