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google autonomous car
Google Autonomous Vehicle

This past year, I have seen a dramatic increase in the development of autonomous cars.

A number of companies (from Toyota to Mercedes Benz to GM to Google and more) are developing cars that can drive by themselves (to some degree).

From our perspective ( Maybe this is the way we can save teens from killing themselves in car accidents. The car drives the teens from one place to another, and does so safely. I talked about the need for advancing technology on this web site 5 years ago.

I see a bright future where autonomous vehicles can save lives.  As such, I am, as of this moment, firing up a NEW “autonomous vehicle / car section” here on  Stay tuned here for a lot more information on this technology.

Brief History of Autonomous Vehicles / Cars

My memory only goes back as far as the DARPA “Grand Challenge” contest where an autonomous vehicle could traverse a course in the California desert without crashing. The first year (2004) was an interesting start as no participant finished the course.  But it got better after that, and look where we are now just 11 years later: Autonomous vehicles driving on the freeways and highways.

Here is a video from the 2004 DARPA Grand Challenge archives:

Going beyond my short memory, there is a really good article on Wikipedia detailing autonomous vehicles all the way back to the 1920’s. Click here to read that article.  


Autonomous vehicles of the future may be how we finally are able to save teen lives! will be there as this technology unfolds.

Here is the trailer for a recent 60 Minutes segment on AV (autonomous vehicles).

Drive Safe! Never Forget.






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