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“Paper Man” Movie Review

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Richard Dunn (Jeff Daniels) has written one less-than-stellar book and has a three month deadline to finish his second. Problem is….he can’t even write the first sentence.

paper man blogHe and his wife, Claire (Lisa Kudrow), rent a small cottage in Montauk on Long Island (almost home sweet home for me; born and raised in Bay Shore, home of LL Cool J and Harvey Milk, but I was there first…haha) where he can be alone to concentrate and write.

But that is not happening as Richard falls further and further into what looks to me like mental illness. Oh yeah, he has an imaginary friend, Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds). Making a grocery run on the cottage’s small banana seat bike, Richard asks a teen hanging near the store, Abby (Emma Stone), if she wants to babysit for him on Friday night.

She agrees.

While “babysitting” for the non-existent baby, Abby makes soup for Richard while he goes to the shore to discuss the situation with Captain Excellent….in other words, he was talking to himself.

One thing leads to another and Abby and Richard find they are kindred spirits and (spoiler) end up helping each other tremendously.

“Paper Man” is a weird movie, but, interesting, and very good. The cast is amazing, and the setting feels like home.  😉  Not for kids as there are f-words, drinking, and sex.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this using our new, improved, Chromecast on Google Play.

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