“The Ridiculous 6” Movie Review

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After his mother was murdered, Tommy (Adam Sandler) was taken in by Indians and raised as one of their own. His Indian name is White Knife.

ridiculous 6 blogOne day, his long lost father, Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) comes to the village looking for Tommy. They reconnect but Frank is taken hostage by a band of renegades looking for $50,000 that Frank has hidden near a “singing windmill”. A ten day ride from the village.

Tommy suspects that the money is not there, and that the renegades will kill good old dad when they find out. To save his dad, Tommy / White Knife sets off to steal $50,000 from bad people to give to his father 10 days hence at the singing windmill.

In his quest to steal the money, Tommy finds out that dear old dad produced sons throughout the land and recruits five of them to help: Ramon (Rob Schneider), Lil Pete (Taylor Lautner), Herm (Jorge Garcia), Danny (Luke Wilson), and Chico (Terry Crews).

Certainly, Dad was an equal opportunity lover….

The adventure that follows has “The Ridiculous 6” brothers getting into all sorts of trouble while also being involved in several historic events. For example, Danny was President Lincoln’s secret service agent who, on his way to to the bathroom, shows John Wilkes Booth where Lincoln was sitting. Oooops. They also meet Abner Doubleday and together they figure out the game of baseball. Very funny..

“The Ridiculous 6” is not an Oscar worthy film, but, it is Adam Sandler goofy fun. If you love Adam Sandler, as we do, you will like this movie (maybe not love it, but, certainly enjoy it). And….Rob Schneider has returned! Great news since he has been missing lately in Sandler movies. The rest of the cast are just having fun and being goofy.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on, duh, Netflix since it is a Netflix original movie.  Thank you, Ryan!

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