“Spectre” Movie Review

4.5 Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Reviews College Scholarships(Bond, James Bond)

Bond (Daniel Craig) goes rogue.

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A video message from the late M (Judi Dench) sends Bond on a quest to find a bad guy, kill him, then attend his funeral.

In Mexico City, Bond finds this person then kills him (after some exciting stunts). Unfortunately, he caused so much havoc that his new boss, M (Voldemort….err, Ralph Fiennes), tells him to take some time off and has Q (Ben Whishaw) inject robotic tracking blood into his body so M can keep tabs on him.

But Bond needs Q to give him 48 hours so he can attend the funeral and deal with the person that the dead M ultimately wanted him to take care of: The head of the evil organization Spectre (Christoph Waltz).

In a related plot line, C (Andrew Scott), is taking control of most of the intelligence agencies around the world claiming better protection against terrorism. He wants the 00 section of British intelligence shut down, leaving poor Bond, Q, Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) all unemployed.

“Spectre” is awesome! Great action & stunts (the helicopter scenes in Mexico City are the best ever), gadgets, car chases, and Bond women make for a very enjoyable, sometimes tense, 2 hours and 28 minutes. Good for the older kids and adults alike.

Lots of references to previous Bond movies…very cool.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this on Blu-Ray.

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  1. I think it has arguably one of the best opening action sequences in a movie in recent times! I really enjoyed the film too, I cant tell which I prefer out of Skyfall and Spectre. But I think if you took the best parts from each you could make the perfect Bond film!

    • Thanks for commenting! Yeah….that helicopter opening was truly amazing. The whole movie was great! Although I liked almost all the Bond’s I think Craig is my fav….well, maybe, Connery and Brosnan are hard to beat.

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