“Adult Beginners” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers ForCarol.com movie reviews(Family Matters)

Jake (Nick Kroll) is a hot shot, slick talking, entrepreneur / investor hyping the latest tech gadget: A Google glasses type device that will take the world by storm.

adult beginnersJake puts ALL his money into this device, and gets all his friends to invest in it as well. Only thing is….this “sure thing” crashes and burns leaving Nick without any money, and, now, without any friends, who also lost their money.

But family is always there, sooooo Nick moves in with his estranged sister, Justine (Rose Byrne), her husband Danny (Bobby Cannavale), and three year old son Teddy (Caleb & Matthew Paddock).

To earn his keep, Justine puts Nick to work watching Teddy during the day: He is now Teddy’s “Nanny”.

Sleeping in his old room (his sister still lives in their family home) on an air mattress the disenfranchised Nick, over time, grows up and the family reunites.

“Adult Beginners” is an interesting relationship movie with a fantastic cast. Not for kids as the f-words fly (with some drug use), but, anyone with kids & family, and, who are older than 30 or 40 should like it.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this on Netflix. Thank you, Ryan!

Drive Safe! Never Forget.




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