“The Big Short” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers ForCarol.com movie reviews(True Story of Profiting from the Recession)

True Story:  In early 2006, I was interviewing at Duke University for a videoconferencing engineering position (I was eventually offered the job, but, declined it).

Prior to 2006, as I was running (I run…still!) around Tracy, CA I saw that the housing market was booming. Houses were being purchased easily by almost everyone and houses up-for-sale were being snapped up in a day.  We were baffled at how easy it was for anyone to buy a $500,000+ home. Our radar flags went up even as we celebrated the skyrocketing value of our modest home.

In early 2006, as we were looking to sell our house (to possibly move to North Carolina), I noticed that homes were staying on the market much longer than in recent memory. Hmmmm, what is going on?  I thought to myself: We may not be able to sell. Soooo, out of an abundance of caution, I turned down the Duke job and hunkered down in our 20 year old house (eventually just retiring from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). As it so happened……the economy crashed and we were good (caution is a good thing).

In “The Big Short” we find four Wall Street people who saw what the banks were doing. They had the knowledge and moral fortitude to realize something was terribly wrong and that a crash was inevitable.

the big shortAlso being somewhat greedy themselves, they figured out ways to profit from the eventual fall by shorting the market (go here for an explanation of shorting) so that when it fails, if they time it just right, they can sell their stock and make an enormous profit. Which they did.

“The Big Short” is extremely confusing and slow, but, with a fine cast (Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling) and one stupendously fantastic performance by Steve Carell. I liked the cameos as celebrities (Selena Gomez, Margo Robbie, and others) tried to explain the complexity….but, in my opinion, failed.

Lori was bored out of her skull, but, I found it intriguing how the Banks, Wall Street, and people handled greed…..not well, those arrogant pricks.

“The Big Short” is good, but, damn it was confusing. Not for kids or those easily bored.

Go to IMDb for more information. We watched this on Google Play using Chromecast.

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