“Pixels” Movie Review

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In 1982, Brenner (Adam Sandler) and Will Cooper (Kevin James) head to the opening of a new gaming arcade at the mall.

pixels-2Brenner is a natural at Pac Man, while Will is great picking things up with the crane.They befriend the much younger Ludlow (Josh Gad) a gamer and conspiracy theorist.

Brenner is so good at Pac Man and other games (except Donkey Kong), that he enters a competition where he and Eddie (Peter Dinklage) battle it out for gaming supremacy. Eddie wins and a depressed Brenner sulks away in second place.

The U.S. government filmed the gamer’s in action and included that video in a spaceship launched to find alien worlds.

Fast forward to today.

Brenner is a techy who installs electronics (think Geek Squad), Will is the President of the United States, Eddie is in jail, and Ludlow is is in his grandmother’s basement chasing conspiracy theories.

Guam is attacked by aliens in the form of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and other 1982 era arcade games who mistook the gamer videopixels-3 from 1982 as a threat. It is winner take all, the first to win three games….wins.

Conventional weapons are useless, so Violet (Michelle Monaghan), a DARPA scientist, and her team develop energy weapons to fight, errrr, Pac Man.

The Navy Seals suck at arcade games, so, it is up to the middle aged nerds / gamers to come to the rescue. Great fun!

“Pixels” is an Adam Sandler movie. By now you know how much we love Adam Sandler, but, he is an acquired taste. We loved it! Typical dry humor with lots of 1980’s and 1970’s images and hidden homages to “The Big Bang Theory”, “Ghostbusters”, “Star Trek”, and other nerdly shows / movies. I bet the critics are not old enough to have played an old arcade game…..they need to get a life. 😉

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Xfinity.

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