Our 2017 “Fill-the-Bag” with Classroom Supplies Sponsors

Please thank these 9 Tracy, CA small businesses and residents plus Blaze for their very generous donations of classroom supplies for local (TUSD and Jefferson) teachers.  Thank you, Sponsors!  🙂

Final tally:  9 sponsors, 26 bags (!!!!!!), to 20 teachers (including 3 teachers from Bohn who lost their classrooms to a fire this summer).  Please thank our very generous sponsors for a GREAT year.  🙂

Tracy, CA small business or resident?  Want to sponsor a “Fill-the-Bag” with classroom supplies bag in 2018?  All donations are tax deductible.

Go here to register to “Fill-the-Bag” in 2018.

G.W. Fian & Associates

Gary and Linnette have sponsored bags two of the three years!  I originally met Gary and Linnette when I owned a coworking office space in Tracy, CA.  A LONG time ago…..:-)

Jan Your Girl Friday (Pet Sitter)

Jan has been donating since the beginning, when we had “Adopt a Class”!  With “Fill-the-Bag” Jan and Cami (NNIS see below) have been competing.  It is now ties: 1.5 wins each!  🙂  Who will win next year?

Also, Jan had a great marketing idea that we will try next year…..stay tuned.  🙂

The Inman Family

THANK YOU to the Inman Family for their totally awesome donation of classroom supplies for local, low income, school teachers. 🙂 North, Central, McKinley, and South West teachers will be getting a ton of supplies!

Inman Family

All Aspect Inspections


Annette will donate one of her bags to Williams Middle School teacher, Nick Kerin.  Mr. Kerin told me that he had Kassy (one of our kids who died) in his 5th grade class. 😦

all aspect inspections

Trosien Orthodontics

Trosien Ad 2

In his third year donating, this year Dr. Trosien will donate their supplies to ex-employee (and great help to ForCarol), Beth Contreras, who will be teaching 6th grade at Kelly Elementary.  🙂

dr trosien

Blaze “Fills-the-Bag” with Classroom Supplies

This bag will go to Ashley Jones, 3rd grade, Kelly

Blaze fills the bag



NNIS Computer Services


Cami has been donating classroom supplies since I began collecting, unofficially, in 2011(?). This year NNIS Computer Repair broke all records (except the Inman Family….see above).

All these supplies will be going to the three Bohn teachers that lost their classrooms in a fire this summer.

The competition with JanYourGirlFriday heats up!  Who will win next year?

NNIS classroom supplies

NNIS in bags

The Popal Family

The second year in a row for the Popal Family.  It is always nice going to visit and talk about school stuff and finding out which schools in Tracy are low income and what teachers we both know (a lot!)  🙂

popal family

Larry’s Mobile Vet Service


Larry has been helping ForCarol.com since the beginning.  This year he was recovering from surgery, but, it looks like he is feeling much better now and is on the road to a complete recovery!  🙂


Drive Safe!  Never Forget




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