“The Nanny Diaries” Movie Review

“Captain America” and “Black Widow” hook up!  🙂

Annie Braddock (Scarlett Johansson) just graduated with a degree in Anthropology, but, she does not have a clue about what she wants to do with her life, or who she is.

Walking in the park one day, she decides she will be a Central Park Bag Lady.  Sitting on a bench contemplating her new lofty goal in life, Annie “saves” a little boy, Grayer (Nicholas Art), from being hit by an idiot on a Segway.

The boys mother, Mrs. X (Laura Linney), asks what she does, but, Annie answers with her name, and Mrs. X says she needs a Nanny, and gives Annie her card.

Annie thinks about it, and figures being a Nanny will give her time to get her shit together, and accepts the job.

Annie moves into the X’s upper east side apartment.  Grayer turns out to be a terror, and Mrs. X a horrible boss with family problems galore.  But, on the bright side, Annie meets Harvard Hottie (Chris Evans) and her life slowly comes into focus.

“The Nanny Diaries” is a fun, easy going, fluff movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans! 🙂

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