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“The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)” Movie Review

After teaching art / sculpture at Bard College for 33 years, Professor Harold Meyerowitz (Dustin Hoffman) has retired. Harold is a curmudgeonly old dude who is contemplating selling his New York City home and moving to the country.  But, before he leaves, Harold is having one last showing of his art.

Harold’s adult kids take this time to visit him and “spend some quality time” with dear old dad.

The Kids

Danny (Adam Sandler), and his “soon to be starting college at Bard” daughter, Eliza (Grace Van Patton), are visiting with Harold and his latest wife, Maureen (Emma Thompson).  They plan to stay with him while Danny looks for work and Eliza waits to head off to college. Danny and Dad have never been close.

meyerowitz 2

Eliza, Matthew, Danny, and Jean

Jean (Elizabeth Marvel) is Danny’s sister from the same mother. Jean is a single, successful, business woman but is a bit of a wallflower……only blooming when she is making short films.  Jean likes hanging out with her brothers and visits with dad to see her brothers and because she “is a nice person”.

Matthew (Ben Stiller) is the youngest brother from another mother.  Also successful in business, he is the child who spent the most time with curmudgeonly dad, and, as a result, is still suffering the effects of that long term exposure.

“The Meyerowitz Stories” is a somewhat painful story of an estranged family that feels the need to reconnect with dear old dad as he heads off to retirement. I suspect the family is worried about approaching dementia….

Angst follows.

Not for kids as there is cussing, adult situations, nudity (Eliza is a Freshman film student with a penchant for pornography), and uncomfortable family dynamics.

Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller are both serious, but, truthfully, we like them better goofy and stupid.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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