Classroom Supplies

2018 “Fill-the-Bag” with Classroom Supplies for Teachers

Although this will be the last year for our “Fill-the-Bag” with Classroom Supplies campaign, we will continue to donate cash to teachers for supplies throughout the year….given sufficient donations.

If you are a Tracy, CA teacher, register here for a chance for donations.  If you want to donate… the DONATE image over there ——->


Scott at Stein High School

Ranvir at Stein High School

Nick at Williams Middle School. Nick had Kassy in one of his classes 😦

NEW TEACHER: Jessica at Williams Middle School

Grit at Traina

Grit at Traina (We met subbing over 12 years ago!)

Tina at Hawkins

NEW TEACHER: Tina at Hawkins (in class when I delivered 🙂

jayme at kelly

NEW TEACHER: Jayme at Kelly

Beth at Kelly 1

Beth at Kelly

Lynesshia at Central

NEW TRACY TEACHER: Lynesshia at Central

Justin at Central

Justin at Central (4th grade Special Ed)

Hannah at North

NEW TEACHER: Hannah at North



As always, we could never donate classroom supplies without our sponsors. Thank you all so much for your generous support. 🙂











Drive Safe! Never Forget.




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