STEM / STEAM: Christina Koch Returns to Earth After Spending 328 Days on the Space Station

Working as an electrical engineer (MSEE from the University of Kansas) at Lawrence Livermore Lab I briefly met with another electrical engineer (BSEE from the University of the Pacific); Jose Hernandez. Years later, I learned that Jose had become an Astronaut and some time after that…..he blasted off into space! Very cool!

Fast forward a zillion years, and another electrical engineer caught the world’s attention (and mine) as Christina Koch had just finished her time in space.

What is it with electrical engineers? 😉

Christina, MSEE from North Carolina State University, came back to earth a few weeks ago after breaking the record for the longest stay in space for a woman….328 days!


Christina shared some of her thoughts about being back on earth with the media. On Instagram, she shared a video of her dog, LBD (Little Brown Dog), greeting her when she came home and a picture of her enjoying the beach (I hope it was ok for me to grab these screenshots, I guess I will find out).

Cool stuff!

Reading more about Christina, I learned that while she was aboard the space station she worked on a number of experiments and projects: From researching plants in space, to cooking cookies (to see how that works in space), to understanding the social aspects of space travel, to being part of the first-ever all-woman spacewalk to fix issues with the space station.

Wow! I sound like a fan! I am!!!!

Electrical engineers rock! (NOTE: In my life….I always felt prepared for any task, in any area, with the background I had in engineering, in particular, electrical engineering)

I particularly love Christina’s quote as it is super appropriate for this web site:

“Do what scares you”

So true… very true. And, I might add: Never give up while pursuing your PASSION. Follow your heart, and don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.

I found these videos of Christina answering questions and landing back on Earth…..Christina is an inspiration to us all and especially to young girls (and boys) interested pursing STEM / STEAM related fields.

Reach for the stars and do what scares you.

If YOU want to venture into space with your STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education and career, NASA TV has some great information on the latest happenings in the world of space. Watch the video below for the latest information on the space station with a special 4th of July message from the Space Station (starring Christina!), then…..check out this link for the entire story NASA published on July 1, 2019.

FYI, Carol was interested in, and REALLY good at, the Sciences and Math. 😦

Carol and Kristen

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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