Movie Review: “Non Transferable”

Amy Tyler (Ashley Clements) has just surprised her longtime boyfriend, Josh Merit (Christopher Nicholas Smith), with a 2 week all expenses paid vacation to Turkey.

Josh surprised Amy by dumping her.


Now Amy has two non-refundable non-transferable tickets for a 2 week vacation for her and Josh Merit.

You’re Welcome

Amy’s friends, Sandra (Katie Wee) and Marcie (Shanna Malcolm) come up with a plan: Find another Josh Merit!

Calling a bunch of Josh Merits she found on the Internet, Amy finally finds a Joshua Merit (Brendan Bradley) who seems to be a nice guy and is willing to go.

Joshua and Amy take off on their vacation, but, it turns out Joshua is afraid of flying, afraid of boats, but, overall, is having fun with the trip that Amy planned for the original Josh and herself. And he speaks Turkish!

They also find themselves falling in love.

“Non-Transferable” is an excellent romantic comedy with great scenery and interesting locations in Turkey. We loved it!

We streamed this movie, while hunkering down at home because of the coronavirus, using Amazon Prime.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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