“Secretariat” Movie Review and Trailer

After her mother died, Penney Chenery (Diane Lane), had to run the family horse ranch (Meadow Stables) since her father, Chris (Scott Glenn), has dementia.

Unfortunately, the stables are losing money and Penney’s brother wants to sell it.

No way will Penney sell the stables……besides she has two mares that are pregnant by the #1 horse of the time, Bold Ruler, and she just hired a new trainer, Lucien Laurin (John Malkovich).

Knowing that a flip of the coin will determine if she or rival Ogden Phipps (James Cromwell) gets their pick of the newly born colts, Penny knows, from an inside source, that Ogden will pick the way she wants (Penny wants the colt born to SomethingRoyal because she knows that that colt will have what it needs in terms of speed AND stamina.) While Ogden wants the other colt. Win win for Penney!

Ogden wins the coin toss, and picks the wrong colt. Ah, too bad Ogden.

The rest is history!

“Secretariat” is a wonderful family movie based on, well…..errrrr, Secretariat who happened to be the greatest race horse to ever live. I remember so well watching in awe as that most beautiful animal was running and wishing I could run so effortlessly (instead of like a 3 legged turtle) 🙂

We streamed this movie on Disney+.

Go to IMDb for more information.




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