“Holiday in the Wild” Movie Review and Trailer

Kate (Kristin Davis) is a non-practicing veterinarian. She spent the last two decades, or so, putting her husband though college and helping him get a business started while also raising her son, Luke (John Owen Lowe).

Well…..Luke is off to college and as soon as Luke closes the door….as a surprise, Kate tells her husband that she has booked a two week African adventure for the two of them… that they are “empty nesters”.

But wait! Husband also has a surprise.

He no longer loves her, and will be staying at a local hotel.

Picking up his bags…..the douche-bag asshole is gone. Good riddance.

Not to be deterred, Kate flies to Zambia where she meets her pilot, Derek (Rob Lowe), who will be taking her to her luxury resort deep in the wilderness.

Spotting something on the ground, Derek makes an unscheduled stop to help an orphaned baby elephant. The Veterinarian in Kate takes control and rides with the baby elephant to the preserve.

One thing leads to another and Kate…..

Well… see what happens, you will have to stream the movie on Netflix.

“Holiday in the Wild” is a fun rom-com with amazing animals, people, and views. Being a nerd / geek….I particularly LOVED the WiFi Hot Spot! 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

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