“Rocketman” Movie Review and Trailer

Elton and Bernie

As the movie starts, we find Elton John (Taron Egerton), in full regalia, walking into a group therapy session and dominating the session…..telling everyone (including us) about his life.

Needless to say the man is seriously fucked up.

When he was a kid, his dad was cold and his mom aloof and self centered. His grandmother seemed to be the most supportive and, when, one day a young Reggie Dwight sat down at the family piano and just started playing.


Grandma and Mom decided to give him lessons and, eventually, he earned a spot at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Grandma told Reggie that people get very few chances like this in life and if they do….they need to grab it. Reggie needs to grab this one.

He did. 🙂

As Reggie became more famous, Reggie became Elton and looking at a poster of the Beatles, he picked John as his last name.

Elton, via a promoter, met lyricist Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell), and the rest is music history.

Unfortunately, it was not an easy ride as drugs, booze, sex, all combined to nearly kill the talented young musician.

To see what happens, you can stream the movie on Amazon Prime. Stay all the way thru the end credits. 🙂

Elton and Bernie

“Rocketman” is a colorful, raunchy, debauchery-filled musical biography of…..well…..Elton John. A fantastic movie. Taron Egerton and Jamie Bell are amazing.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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