“All the Bright Places” Movie Review and Trailer

Six months ago, Violet Markey (Elle Fanning), lost her 18 year old sister in a car accident (sadly, we know how that goes). Today, on what would have been her sister’s 19th birthday, she is standing on the ledge of the same bridge where she died….ready to jump.

Theodore Finch (Justice Smith) is on his normal early morning run when he sees Violet contemplating suicide.

Finch saves her life, and the two become good friends.

They pair up for a class project which takes them to some wonderful locations in Indiana where the project requires them to take pictures and write about these locations.

Finch and Ultraviolet (as Finch calls her) do just that, and more…..

The only problem is….Finch has major mental health issues of his own, and no one can help him, not even Ultraviolet…..

To see what happens, you can stream this movie on Netflix.

“All the Bright Places” hit home immediately for us with a death in a car crash. It was tough to watch, and tough to watch Violet and Finch struggle so much with grief, thoughts of suicide, and with the darkest places of one’s mind. Not a happy movie, but, one that shows the pain anyone can go thru after abuse and death. I’ve said many times…..Elle Fanning is the most talented Fanning…and THAT is saying a lot. Justice rises to the challenge and both are amazing. Bring tissue.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

Carol, Chris, Bobby and Kassy

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