“Under the Eiffel Tower” Movie Review and Trailer

Liam, Stuart, Louise

After losing his job selling bourbon, Stuart (Matt Walsh), goes on a bender. Luckily, he has a ton of bourbon in his apartment to sustain his drunken state for a long, long time.

A few days later, his best friend calls and invites Stuart to come with his family to Paris on vacation….Stuart accepts, then does something stupid….he proposes to the couples 26 year old daughter!

What a jerk move. Rejected!

On his own in Paris, Stuart randomly connects with an injured soccer player, Liam (Reid Scott), and the two grab a compartment in a train bound for Southern France.


Into the train compartment walks Louise (Judith Godreche) and both men’s lives change forever.

Especially Stuart’s.

To see what happens, you can stream this movie on Netflix.

“Under the Eiffel Tower” is a heartwarming, coming of age, rom-com with wonderful scenery and a terrific cast. We loved it!

Go to IMDb for more information.

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