“Don’t Read This On A Plane” Movie Review

Jovana Fey (Sophie Desmarais) has just had her third novel published and is now in Venice to start her book tour.

When a call comes in from her publisher he tells her: “Oh, sorry, I just went bankrupt and your hotels, and living expenses for the tour, have been cancelled.”

BUT…on the bright side….he tells her that her plane tickets are paid for and that he has signed the rights of the book over to her, effective immediately.


With no money on her for the trip, and no money in the bank, this starving author decides to continue the book tour by crashing wherever she can on the cheap, or for free, and visiting the book stores (which already have her book) on the original schedule to do a reading and meet her fans.

At least she can get to the various countries on the tour by plane. Whew!

At the book readings, we learn that the book is a romance / porn novel about a woman who has slept with 100 other women (with explicit details of each encounter). There is a surprise in the middle of the book that can, and has, lead to an arrest…..if they are seen reading this on a plane.


The big question is: Is this book autobiographical?

To find out the answer…..you will have to watch the movie on your favorite streaming app like Fandango or Amazon Prime.

“Don’t Read This on a Plane” is a fun, quirky, sexy, book tour around Europe. Great scenery and an interesting look at the poorer side of book authorship. Not everyone is a Grisham or Baldacci. And, yes, you learn why it is titled the way it is. Sophie Desmarais is fantastically droll, sexy, and intellectual…perfect. Not for kids!

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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