“Coming 2 America” Movie Review

Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) will soon be King of Zamunda. He and Lisa (Shari Headley) have been married for 30 years and they have three daughters: Meeka (KiKi Layne), Omma (Bella Murphy), and Tinashe (Akiley Love).

Meeka, Omma, Tinashe

Unfortunately, as per Zamunda law, the heir apparent to Akeem has to be male! So, because he and Lisa have three daughters, there is no heir to take over Zamunda when Akeem passes away.

Not having a son is a show of weakness, and rival kingdom leader, General Issi (Wesley Snipes) is ready to attack and take over all of Zamunda.

Akeem’s father, King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones) is on his deathbed when he tells Akeem that he indeed has a bastard son, Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler), living in Queens and that to adhere to Zamunda law, he must make the bastard son his heir to the throne.

Road trip with Semmi (Arsenio Hall) to Queens to get his son!

In the meantime, Queen Lisa is pissed that her oldest daughter is not the heir apparent. Meeka has, after all, spent her whole life preparing, and she is intelligent, strong willed, and physically strong.

Things need to change and Akeem is the one who needs to change it when he becomes King.

To see what happens, you can watch the movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“Coming 2 America” is better than the first movie, but, you have to watch them in order to appreciate the sequel. Most of the same characters come back 30 years older and there are cool homages to Mufasa and The Lion King to honor James Earl jones. There is soooo much more, but, you have to pay attention, and not just watch the trailer as most of the idiot “critics” on IMDb seem to have done.

Strong women rule!

Oh…..the music and dancing are terrific, in fact, stay thru the end credits to be treated to the best of the music. A true Legend. 😎😃

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Foget.

More quirky movies and comedies…..

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